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Why Drinking Beer is actually Good for You

Now, I can see you having a big smile. Am I correct?

Some say it’s a guilty pleasure, but when consumed in moderation (I repeat, moderation) the benefits of drinking a beer may go beyond helping you wind down after a stressful week.

But what is really “drinking in moderation”?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans defines moderate alcohol consumption as having one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men.

Beer contributes to our daily nutrient intake. Many experts agree that beer is more like a food than a beverage; some referred to it as liquid bread.

Charlie Bamforth, a professor of brewing sciences at the University of California, Davis, claims that beer trumps wine when it comes to B vitamins, phosphorus, folate and niacin. Beer also has significant protein and some fiber.

Beer may boost brain power. Why? Because it is one of a few significant dietary sources of silicon. It helps protect your brain from compounds thought to eventually cause cognitive diseases.

Which may be why researchers at Loyola University in Chicago found that moderate beer drinkers are 23 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia than those who don’t drink beer.

Beer may help you live longer.

Now, don’t use this as a license to get overly drunk this weekend. But according to a study conducted by a psychologist at the University of Texas found that people who drink moderately live longer than those who don’t.

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Overall, knowing the benefits of drinking a beer surely gives us a cue to crack open a cold one tonight.

Drop your thoughts below.

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