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3 Reasons Why Web3 Will Explode in 2023

One, Web3 projects by Big companies going mainstream

Big & popular companies that have built during 2022, will release their updated Web 3 projects, namely;

Starbuck’s Odyssey,

Nike’s .swoosh, Instagram’s NFT marketplace, Yuga Labs’ The Otherside, Luxury Brands like Gucci & Tiffany & Co. producing fashionable NFT collectibles & more.

Two, Tokenization of assets

As discussed by BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink at a New York Times DealBook Summit held on Nov. 20, 2022, he argued that the next generation for markets is the tokenization of securities.

“Think about instantaneous settlement [of] bonds and stocks, no middlemen, we’re going to bring down fees even more dramatically,” he explained.

Third, Web3 policy landscape.

As a result of the collapse of major web3 projects & companies like 3AC, LUNA, Celsius, FTX & more have resulted to increased calls from financial industry executives & lawmakers to regulate the crypto industry to protect investors and the general public.

Is Web3 going to be big this 2023? Drop your thoughts below.

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