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1. Presale Alert! Join the Katipunan Pool Party Club now!
2. Get the Top Rare KPPC Bravos now at a presale price.
3. Get KPPC Card (Common) at around P3,000 & KPPC Card (King) at P7,500. Prices may vary due to fluctuations on ETH.
4. 100 KPPC Cards available only.
5. The Holder of this KPPC Card will receive the equivalent KPPC Bravos with the same traits.
6. We will transfer the KPPC Bravos to your wallet address that you used to buy the KPPC Card.

7. The first 50 KPPC Card holders will get an Exclusive KPPC Pioneer NFT.
8. KPPC Pioneer NFT holders will be given access to exclusive perks in the future.

kppc card 1
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